Credit and Criminal Screening Services are Available to Every Member of! 

Order Credit and Criminal Reports Online
As a member your will have instant access to the same powerful credit and criminal screening tools that property managers and large rental property firms use. Screen all potential tenants for credit and criminal histories before signing a lease agreement. There is no  additional software to install and you will not be directed to a secondary website. Order credit reports and criminal records directly from the member management portal without ever leaving Avoid the potential for litigation and property damage and all the downside of having a tenant with a criminal record occupying your rental. Review credit sores and criminal records and get the peace of mind you deserve before handing the keys to your rental home to a  complete stranger. 
Advertise Your Rental Home Today and Get a Free Credit Screening!



Credit Screening Services Include:


Criminal Screening Services Include:

Credit Scores Misdemeanor Criminal Record  
Court Judgements Felony Convictions  
Tax Liens Sex Offender Registry  
Employment Verification      
Payment History      
Social Security # Verification      
Address Verification      


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